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    Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe


      On my win xp pro sp3 machine from all the Adobe stuff following software installed only:
      - acrobat reader
      - flash player
      - shockwave player

      The Secunia scan tool noticed me recently I had old version of flash player.
      It is not right, some days ago just upgraded to
      Why I am using the 9.x one see my other thread in the adobe flash player forum.
      In-depth analysis has shown that the old one is really present on my station:
      Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe is present on this machine and it keeps the old and
      vulnerable version of adobe flash player.
      What for ???????

      I didn't ever install the air application installer on my own.
      It must be one of other three applications I'm using intentionally.
      What of the three application named above has installed AIR ?
      And what for ?
      Why is nobody upgrading the vulnerable flash version attached to AIR ?
      How can I deinstall it ?