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    FormMail Problem

      I've read other posts on sending flash forms to the cgi script fommail.pl, but I can't get it to work.

      I can get the script to work if I build an HTML form like this one: http://www.zenodesign.com/form.html

      My flash version does not work: http://www.zenodesign.com/master.html (click the mail icon)

      My code looks like this:

      var feedbackForm:LoadVars = new LoadVars ();

      function sendForm() {
      feedbackForm.subject = "Zeno Contact Form";
      feedbackForm.recipient = "info@zenodesign.com";
      feedbackForm.realname = this.contactForm.userName.text;
      feedbackForm.email = this.contactForm.userEmail.text;
      feedbackForm.address1 = this.contactForm.userAddress1.text;
      feedbackForm.address2 = this.contactForm.userAddress2.text;
      feedbackForm.city = this.contactForm.userCity.text;
      feedbackForm.sendAndLoad("/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl", "_blank", "POST");

      If I use send instead of sendAndLoad I get a No Access Allowed error. With sendAndLoad, the form seem to get sent, but I don't get an email returned. Any ideas?