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    Online and Offline capabilities

      Our goal is to build an application with accessible in both browser and desktop but having the same UI code base. The browser will save data to a database via a Java backend. The desktop app will save to a local database mostly and be able to sync to a server side database occasionally at the click of a button.

      Do you have any articles online for architecting this? Any suggestions or pointers might help too.
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          Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
          Set up three projects in Flex Builder. One, a .swc project, contains the code shared between the two versions. The other two are a Flex project for in-browser use, and an AIR project for offline/standalone use, both of which use the .swc. To start off, I recommend actually just building either the Flex or the AIR project, then fork pieces off to the .swc when it's time to start building the other version.