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    Netstream publish problem

    Amitabh_is_here Level 1
      I am facing a problem to publish and play a live stream from FMS3. I am using flex3 (Action script 3 and FMS 3).
      I have coded a demo application with server side script. You can download this application and server side from this URL:

      Demo app: http://bang-dev.isprime.com/idma-test/FlashAngels/Amitabh/FMS_Issue/TestAppFMS.zip
      Server side: http://bang-dev.isprime.com/idma-test/FlashAngels/Amitabh/FMS_Issue/FMSTest.asc

      Please find the issue and let me know, how to fix it.
      To change the FMS server string: Go to Src >> Classes >> InitApp.as >> line no 38 and replace your string.
      Add a name at left side text field to publish the video.
      Add a name at right side text field to play the video.
      For the server side, just create a folder inside application folder of FMS with name of “FMSTest” and put the server side “FMSTest.asc “file there.
      Let me know incase you face any issue while deploying it.

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          Amitabh_is_here Level 1
          The Clinet side code is a zip file, The code is really simple, and there is only two files, one mxml ( you don't need to see this, just needed to run the project.), and one class file (InitApp.as).

          You can easily find, code related to play, publish or connect.

          and Server side file is just text file, with just acceptConnection method and few events with trace. Nothing else.

          You can try on your local FMS 3.

          Is there no one skilled, who can help me.

          Let me know incase I could help you to make it easier and to avoid confusions.