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    Produce 2 different xml files from the same PDF

      Hi all

      I need to produce a PDF document which will produce two different XML files depending upon which option ('file A' or 'file B') the user chooses.

      One file needs to capture most of the data from the PDF, the second file only needs to capture some of the data from the PDF.

      Is there a straightforward and efficient way of doing this (i am new to lifecycle)?

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          Hodmi Level 4
          LiveCycle will extract all bound data fields into the XML data. I don't believe that you can change data binding at run time. One thing you could do is to have a process that evaluates the data coming from the form by examining one of the fields. If the data matches a 'file A' type then just pass along the data. If it matches a 'file B' type then run an XSLT transformation to get the other form of the data.