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    Does LiveCycle ES help this scenario?

      We're mortgage real estate firm, we have large amount of loan applications need to be converted to printable pdf file finally. What we have are XML loan origination XML file, we need to feed XML to sort of server engine to convert it to PDF file and save it in local disk. All work flow need to be automatic. We plan to work this way:
      1. some people use LiveCyle Desginer ES to design the template forms and export it to XML
      2. we'll write our own program and xslt to translate loan origination xml to template xml
      3. last, we can write a client program to send xml to server engine(LiveCycle ES) to convert it to pdf. Client program can connect to server and call server SDK function to invoke the PDF conversion.

      Can LiveCycle Designer ES and LiveCycle ES help us reach the goal of 1,3?
      If not, what's the LiveCycle ES way to help us?
      If yes, which LiveCycle ES trial version I should download in my windows XP
      (JBass,WebLogic,or Websphere)?
      I want to download the LiveCycle ES and run it in my XP desktop for trial study, not in an application server, is that workable? Where's the link for LiveCycle ES SDK download?

      Many Thanks!

      Bing Wang