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    why archive not run in LiveCycle server?

      There's a sample process called: RenderTemplateInMultipleFormats in Samples - Output. I can invoke it successfully in workbench by specifing all the necessary paramters and watchedfolder location. The output files generated.
      But, after I imported this lca to server and configured as following:
      1. add watchedfolder endpoint, specify watchedfoldler location: C:\LCWatchFolder\XMLConversion
      2. select 'invoke' operation, specify xml file name in watchedfolder RenderTemplateInMultipleFormats_WatchFolder.xml, leave all other parameters empty becaue the xml file contains the right variable values(I can invoke in workbench with the same xml file)
      3. cancel caller authenticate
      4. run as unspecified
      5. click finish
      6. logout admin concole
      But nothing happened, no output file in my resource folder

      Did I miss some steps?


      Bing Wang