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    Document Signatures and Submiting via email


      My issue involves submitting an email and populating a document signature.

      Using javascript I've set the preSubmit field to have the following line of code:

      Page1.SignatureField1.validate.nullTest = "error";

      I've enabled in Acrobat Professional 8, Enable Usage Rights.

      While testing the form, when I select Submit by Email I get the error saying that "At least one required field was empty on export. Please fill in the required fields (highlighted) before continuing."

      All well and good as this is what I want to occur.

      The problem is once I sign the the document (which is the field that I've set to be validated in the above code), then click submit via email again I still get the above error message.

      I tested this with the other objects such as text fields etc, they all work fine. The problem only occurs while trying to use a document signature field.

      What am I doing wrong?