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    Submit form to URL

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      Working with Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer 8.0. I created a form in LiveCycle and want users to be able to submit it to a URL for data extraction. My question is how the data can be referenced. Apparently the submission is one XML document, which is fine. Now, to reference that that input do I treat it just like form input? ie: (form."fieldname") If I can treat it just like one variable then I can parse it out from there.
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          The data submission is no different than an HTML page submission. You would post to a web server which would create a Response Object which you can get from the web server.
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            So what you are saying, without spelling it out for me is: When I enter the URL into the field control I need to specify it like I would when passing a URL variable from one page to another? If this is correct then my initial thought on how this worked is total incorrect.

            I was assuming it worked like a web form where all the fields would be submitted, then you could reference them like I mentioned before... "form.variable". Which I know now is very wrong.
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              pguerett Level 6
              What I am saying is that you have to call a program on the server side to recieve your submission. Typically a servlet, or a jsp is used to get the submission from the web server. This is no different than any other HTML page submission.
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                Paul, can we post to the WSDL for an orchestration? How would I post the PDF form back to an orchestration for a short lived process?
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                  Actually, with great thanks to Allen Levine at Adobe, I have the solution for my original post using ColdFusion. It was quite simple once I saw how it needed to be done. Again, the solution I have is only for use with CF.
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                    Unfortunately, that does not help me. I am sure it is staring me in the face, but there must be a way to submit an Adobe PDF form to an orchestration without having to use Workspace. You'd have to think that Adobe would integrate PDF with their own Processes out of the box.
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                      pguerett Level 6
                      You cannot post the PDF back through a web service call in the form as there is no way to get the PDF from inside the form. I have already requested an enhancment for this. You can only Post the PDF back to a web server and have the web server make a web service call on your behalf.
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                        Hello All,

                        I think, I too am facing a similar issue in submitting the Form as PDF. What I have done is:
                        I created an XDP with a Submit Button, whose URL is set to "http://myserver:8081/myservlet", "Submit As" option set to "PDF". I rendered this XDP as PDF to the user on Flex screen (using iFrames). The user fills in the data and need to submit the filled in PDF to the server, for archiving purpose.

                        So in the Servlet I tried to use FormServiceClient's processFormSubmission to get the submitted PDF and wanted to save the PDF. I am getting "Content not allowed in Prolog" when processFormSubmission is invoked. I am not sure where I am getting this wrong.
                        Any help is much appreciated.

                        Thanks in advance
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                          is your issue solved?
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                            If I am putting the "Submit as" option as PDF, I am getting the exception when invoking processFormSubmission.

                            To get it working, I changed the "Submit as" option to XML, so in the servlet I am getting only the XML data and then I will re-render the PDF on the server side.

                            Ideally I wanted the PDF with user-entered data. If you can help me resolve this issue, it will be a great help to me.

                            There are two reasons why I am looking for a PDF option:
                            1. To avoid the re-render operation at server
                            2. Certain forms have a lot of Manual entry fields. I am thinking if I can get a filled-in PDF, then I can avoid putting those fields in the XML/schema. I am not sure how correct is my thinking on this point. Appreciate if any one can throw some light whether I am thinking correct or not.

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                              Hodmi Level 4
                              Hi Sivajee;

                              When you are calling processFormSubmission from your servlet how are you passing in the UserAgent information? Are you simply passing through the parameter taken from the request object, or are you passing in your own string. The reason I ask is that I have seen LC Forms get confused when it doesn't get the correct UserAgent info.
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                                Thanks a lot for your time.

                                This is how it worked:

                                I did submit the document as PDF, and earlier tried to create a Document object and from there tried to save it to FileSystem. Somehow Document copyToFile is throwing some error saying that "Unable to contact LiveCycle SErver via RMI".

                                Then Girish suggested to make a proces which accepts a document object (PDF) and then save it to the file sytem. This served my purpose.

                                Thanks once again Girish.

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