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    Passing URL parameters into a PDF form

      I have a problem to know how to pass a URL parameter into a PDF form, first i created with livecycle designer 8 a dynamic form and its downloaded from server to fill out by USERs, then its submited by clicking email form, then the data is stored in an SQL Server database. After the form is subbmited i downloaded again like administrator the form and finally add another data into fields, but i need to get the previous information filled by USERs. How i do that? Which is the command to retrived that info.. i think in passing the autonumeric field in the database in the URL and get the correct form, it´s mean fill dynamically with the ID. Please Help me.
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          Typically this type of processing would be handled by LiveCycle ES Forms. The Forms solution component allows you to render forms by merging (pre-filling) existing data with the template (xdp or pdf). In other words, the data needs to be merged with the form on the server before delivering it to the user.

          You cannot insert or apply a URL to the PDF form pointing back to the data because this could lead to security issues (Acrobat/Reader doesn't allow this type of behavior). Also, PDF content is intended to be self-contained. It is for these reasons you can no longer pull in images from an href in a PDF.
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            What about just passing in parameters from a web page into the PDF when it is opened. Is this possible? I have both Pro 6 and Pro 8.
            Can I do that with either of thees?
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              Try this:

              Create a form with a text field "TextField1"

              Then add the following to the forms docready event

              myDoc = event.target;

              if (TextField1.isNull)
              TextField1.rawValue = myDoc.URL

              When I loaded my form via the url (with a parameter), the Text field set itself to http://localhost/Untitled1url.pdf?test=abc

              Then, when I saved the form locally, the TextField value persisted.

              I'm betting it's not bulletproof, but it's a start....