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    create a child page with assembler?

      is it possible to use assembler to create a child page or arrange documents in a hierarchy?
      I thought I'd be able to do it by just setting it out the way I want it in the ddx file.
      (something like this)


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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          What do yo mean by a child page?

          You can use assembler to arrange the document the way you want.

          Let me know what you mean by a child page and I'll give you an example.

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            Hi Jasmin, thanks for replying,
            I have a number of PDF files that I would like to arrange in one document.
            But I would like some of the pages to appear as sub-pages, so the Table Of Contents would look something like this.


            Title Page

            Hope this makes more sense?

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              (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
              So it isn't a different kind of PDF - just a single PDF? But what you
              want is that the bookmarks are arranged differently?

              (I can't answer your original request, but I was certainly baffled by
              the original one, and clarification will help others to understand
              what you mean).

              Aandi Inston
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                Hi everybody and thanks for all the replies.
                I'll try and explain what I am trying to achieve a bit better.
                I have a collection of .pdf files that I created using LiveCycle PDF Generator ES.
                All these files are sections of one document and I would like to use Assembler to put them into one pdf file.

                But I don't know how to tell Assembler that one section is a sub section of another?

                if I have 4 pdf files (section1, section1.1, section2, section2.1) I would like the table of contents generated to look something like this


                I hope this explains things a bit better...