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    Field Nominated formats -support in Production Print?

      Was looking at the "Production Print ES"
      It says the following:

      "LiveCycle Production Print ES accepts structured data from applications, allowing you to process XML, as well as field-, record-, or page-based ASCII data"

      Is the ASCII data similar to the Field Nominated commands (like ^copies in Central Pro) ?

      Does the Production Print work with the *.dat format inputs?
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          what is the ASCII based input for the LiveCycle Production Print ES?
          I searched the site but couldnt get any info.
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            Production Print ES supports a number of text-based input formats.

            Page-based: This is typically matrix printer data.
            record-based: Each line (record) contains multiple fields of data.
            field-based: Each line contains a single field.

            The parsers (conversion agents in this context) are configurable and allows the user to adapt them to virtually any type of structured data in the formats mentioned above.

            Production Print ES also contains a number of conversion agents that are pre-configured for common text formats such as XML, RDI, IDOC, JF Field Nominated format, etc...

            There are also conversion agents for formatted data in PDF, AFP, RTF and LXF format.

            Some of these conversion agents are licensed separately.

            Stefan Cohen
            - Product Manager, StreamServe
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              Thanks Stefan,

              Just a few more questions:

              Where can I get the developer notes, API and more developer information about production print?

              Can we use the invocation API for Production Print; like we do for all the LiveCycle Products?

              What services are available under this product(Production Print)?

              Is the workBench not included in Production Print; how do we design custom processes?

              How good/bad is the Output ES ; if I have to generate say 10,000+ PDF (eg for generating employee payslips)? Is the Production Print good in this respect?

              Is there a support for synch requests also in Production Print; since this product is mainly used for high volume data?

              A real prompt answer is required since we are short of time.

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                Because you are a tight time line I will try to answer some of these questions. Stefan gave the url for the docs... http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/productionprint/

                Production Print is not a j2ee product and does not run under an application server. It has it's own design center for creating applications. It is not integrated with LC Orchestration.

                It is ideal for high volume document creation. A good rule of thumb would be 5,000 surfaces per minute. I'm not sure what you mean by synch requests but you can certainly run multiple instances over multiple servers if you need to load balance. I has superior post processing capabilities...enveloping, franking, householding, insertions and so on. Hope this helps.

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                  1. I don't know how much technical info is available online. I suggest that you contact your Adobe representative.

                  2. Production Print has its own set of invocation APIs including a web service interface.

                  3. See (1)

                  4. No, Workbench is not included in Production Print. It has its own process design UI. The services provided can however be used from processes developed in Workbench thru APIs

                  5. Production Print ES is primarilly used in high-volume processes while Output ES is used in low/mid-volume processes. 10,000+ documents in one run can be seen as high volume depending on the required processing time. See (1) for benchmarking info.

                  6. Yes. Services can be invoked synchronously.

                  Stefan Cohen
                  Product Manager, StreamServe
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                    Thanks for the quick reply!

                    Just three more questions.

                    Do we still use Java API invocation while invoking the Production Print from our java code or do we need to use the watched folder mechanism?

                    Where can I find the list of services available in Production Print? How different are they from Output ES?

                    What do you think is the capability of the Production Print if I use a medium sized dedicated server for it?

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                      Production Print is not limited to watched folders. It has a number of Java (and other) APIs for invocation. The complete list of APIs is to my knowledge not yet available online.

                      The functionality in Production Print ES differ from Output ES mainly in output formats, post processing (sorting, enveloping, staging, etc...) performance, and batching capabilities. You can find out more about the provided functionality from http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/productionprint/ The In Depth section outlines the provided services.

                      As Chris Hicks wrote, a rule of thumb is 5.000 Pages/Minute/CPU Core. It is scalable, so a dual-core or dual-CPU server can process around 10.000 pages/minute depending on transformation complexity, features used, system load, etc...

                      Stefan Cohen
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                        Hi Stefan,

                        Where can I get the list of services and API available for the Production Print ES? Do I need to contact Adobe directly?