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    XSL data preprocessing support

      I am trying to use am XSLT preprocessing archive in order to convert the incoming XML data into my XDP (using the Output Service, Livecycle ES).<br /><br />For that purpose, I use the URI XSL tag, in the XFA structure. Works fine for the previewing, but doesnt work with OutputIVS (or web service call).<br /><br />I would like to know whether this functionality is supported.<br /><br />      <common><br />         <template><br />            <relevant/><br />            <base>\\d1vapppdf\Adobe\</base><br />            <uri/><br />         </template><br />         <data><br />            <xsl><br />               <uri>.\IW_XMLTransform.xslt</uri><br />               <debug><br />                  <uri/><br />               </debug><br />            </xsl><br />            <outputXSL><br />               <uri/><br />            </outputXSL><br /><br />Thanks in advance.