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    Post processing PDF to XML.

      Post-processing PDF into XML.

      Compton MacKenzie - 08:48am Oct 29, 2008 Pacific


      Sorry for the basic question... We want to have users fill out a fillable PDF form using Aacrobat Reader and then upload it to a web page. Once we get the PDF, we need to extract the data that they have entered. Short of using LiveCycle Data Services (not currently feasible as we have no Java presence on our server platform), is there any API that I can use to extract the data or convert the PDF to XML. I understand that it is possible to export XML using the Acrobat client (and it might be possible to script this with COM) but I don't think this would work reliably in a server environment.

      (We need both the PDF and the data as the PDF will contain an electronically captured image of a customer's signature and need to preserve the actual image of the document.)

      Any suggestions?

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          pguerett Level 6
          There are server based products under the LiveCycle banner for this but they all run on a Java based app server. You can use a turn key install where the app server (JBoss) and a Database (MySql) are provided for you but you need to have the Java SDK present. The LiveCycle servers can run on Windows, Linux, AIX to name a few.

          Note that if you script Acrobat to do this on the server you are in violation of your license agreement.