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    Multiple newbie questions

      I have Adobe Acrobat 8 and using the form creator. Here are my questions:

      1. The file size is much bigger than my forms made in Excel. Is there a way to optimize file size?

      2. How do I create a form that once filled out it cant be changed after it is sent via email as a pdf.

      3. How do I allow inserting and deleting of pages in the saved .pdf?
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          pguerett Level 6
          1. In the File/Form Properties/Save Options make sure that the embed fonts and the Generate Accessability Tags ckeckboxes are turned off.

          2. You will have to write a script to lock the fields when the user hits te email button.

          3. What are you looking at inserting ...pages form other PDFs? This is contrary to popint #2 where you are trying to lock down the form. Can you explain the use case a little more?