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    Help with PDF Generation

      We are currently evaluating LiveCycle ES to potentially convert numerous Pro/E 3D drawings to PDF. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time finding the proper resources to help achieve this. What we would like the process to do is:

      1) Take a Pro/E file, and apply a forms template
      2) Add an "Exploded View" animation for the 3D drawing (such as what can be generated by Adobe 3D Reviewer)
      3) Expose the "Bill of Material" to the template fields
      4) Save the generated PDF to a defined folder
      5) Perform these steps for a "watched folder" for when new drawings are submitted

      In LiveCycle Workbench, I have been able to read a Pro/E file and apply our template. But I cannot find information on how to achieve the other steps.

      Could somebody please point me to specific resources and/or samples that would help with this? Any help would be very appreciated.