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    Send a pdf... not through outlook etc

      Hello... I was wondering if some here would know this... All I want to do is send the PDF form to email... I figure that I'd have to use a php script to relay the PDF as mailto: would try to open a program which they may not have. It needs to be the PDF not the XML or anything else as the receiver can't understand that... I thought this would be simple but I can't find anything really in Google searches... to much there to sift through lol.. anyways... I think It's go like this...

      -Person opens pdf form and fills it out
      -They click HTTP Submit button
      -PDF file received by php
      -Php then emails PDF file to email receiver...


      - the person fills out a PDF form
      - PDF form is sent to PHP script as post
      - PHP sends out an email with the PDF attached which is the form filled out form the base pdf?...
      (meaning that the pdf form acts as a template?)

      Sounds simple... I don't want anything else.. just the PDF relayed to the php script in stead of emailed through a mail client like outlook...

      thanks for the help


      the PDF exsits...