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    Create PDF and output XML


      Can the lifecycle software create a PDF from multiple feeds, such as mainframe and marketing database and build a PDF based on a template?

      Could it also create an XML file which describes the document, e.g. customer name, customer number etc?

      Is there a way to move these files to another location/server.


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          pguerett Level 6
          Assuming that the feeds are in an XML data format then yes. You could extract different information from the feed or PDF (such as Customer Name and Number and create an XML file out of it). It can create a file on another server providing there is a mapped drive that they share or an FTP connection can be created.
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            Hi Paul,

            Thanks very much for the information, if I could just ask a couple more questions.

            What if the main feed was from the mainframe as a text file, would the software be able to extract the information, e.g. from position x30, y100?

            What specific software components would you need to achieve this?


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              pguerett Level 6
              Nope ....teh only data you can merge onto the form would be XML. You could preprocess the data with some other program to turn it into XML but it woudl still have to be XML when we see it.

              LiveCycle server comes with different components to allow you to access external data sources (i.e. Soap Connectors, JBDC connectors, LDAP, FTP, etc.) It woudl depend on what you need to access the info in the mainframe. After you retrieve the data you woudl need LiveCycle Forms to merge the XML with the template and render the form in the format that you want (probably a PDF).