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    pdf form for data from another form with data, xml or pdf, tables not expanding

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      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and LifeCylce to do these forms. I have made several subforms for a Risk Assessment for the mission they fly. I have also made up another form with tables that would connect with each subform data. This form also will give me and others a % of the values received from the data to help us with seeing problem area towards Safety.
      I am able to connect the data to the form from the Risk Forms but when I go and add another group of data it over writes the data that was already in the data collection form. The tables are dynamic and able to expand with the generated data but when I compile several Risk Forms, xml. data into one single data group, the receiving tables will not except this data. To compile the data I am in Acrobat and using the form-manage form data-merge data to spreadsheet than enter as a report that is xml. Still not working. I also tried to save the form, with data already in the tables, and then opened it again and add data to it, it will over write the existing data in the form. This form does work great with the generated data in LiveCycle.
      Any suggestions???