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    Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 exporting data from adobe data set into Excel

      Hello - I am new to this, and have no IS support from my organization, so I am at your mercy.

      I am trying to export the files within my adobe dataset created from Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 into an Excel file. When I do this only 126 files are transferred. There doesn't seem to be any particular cut off or reason. For example last names a-p file entries #1-126, then cuts off at file entry #127 leaving the last half of the alpha q-z. I do have one friend is IS whom on his free time, looked into the program to see if there was a setting or something that only allowed a certain amount of space/files to be exported, but he couldn't find anything. His only thought was that my computer didn't have enough space, but I have 18.9GB of free space on the C:. Any sugesstions and or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, ALR