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    PDF Generator - Error Occerued During Native App Invocation

    Ryan Lunka Level 3
      ALC-PDG-016-004-Error occurred during native application invocation

      I receive this error message when trying to convert a DOC to a PDF. At first I was trying to do this as part of a workflow, but then determined that the issue is bigger. I get the exact same error when attempting to convert a DOC to a PDF in the Admin UI.

      I've been doing a lot of research and cannot find a solution. Here are some details: I CAN convert a JPG to a PDF using the Admin UI. We do have a turnkey installation of LiveCycle ES 8.0 on a Windows Server 2003 environment. We do have MS Office 2003 installed on the server. I also attempted a TXT file and it gave me the same error.

      Obviously the error indicates that whatever part of MS Office/Word it is trying to invoke to make the conversion is not working. I tried looking up the user that runs JBOSS and giving that user full access permission to WinWord.exe and that didn't do it. Am I on the right track? Perhaps LiveCycle calls a different file than WinWord.exe?

      I don't think our MS Office install is a problem because it is a standard install and functions just fine on its own. Note, that if I create a new Word doc in Word, I AM able to save it as a PDF using the Adobe toolbar.

      Has anyone seen this or have any idea what the issue could be???

      Thank you so much!

      Ryan D. Lunka
      Cardinal Solutions Group