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    Read PDF, modify it and generate new PDF. Possible?


      I am brand new to LiveCycle ES. We have version 8 with PDFg and Reader Extension Server components.

      We are working on automating what used to be a paper process. In the past one person (a secretary) would maintain a Word document that would then get printed and handed out to many people (technicians). The technicians would then fill out the paper forms and turn them in to the secretary. The secretary would take the paper forms, scan them in and send the scanned picture to another group (Records Retention Group) that saves those for legal purposes.

      What we are doing now is automating this whole process. We have developed a web site that the technicians can go to and fill out information on a web form. Once they submit the form, the program will make a call to the servlet that I'm writing.

      The purpose of my servlet is to take the data entered on the online form and create a PDF that looks exactly like the original paper form and includes the data the technician entered. I've attached a copy of the original Word document below.

      My original approach was to take the original Word document, place some special text in each input area and save that as a template. Then in my servlet I would read in that "template" and modify the special text with the values coming from the web form. I've had a difficult time finding any APIs that can read write Word documents in that manner. My new approach is to create that template as a PDF. Then I would like to read in that PDF template in my servlet, modify the special text with the values from the web form and create another PDF as output.

      I already have been able to use the Java API to create a PDF from an input file. That's not difficult. The difficult part is reading an input file, modifying it and THEN generating a PDF of that modified format. That's where I need your help.

      I've opened a case with support asking them but it's been a week now and I'm not getting anywhere. Each morning I get a call from a support person asking MORE questions and I explain the situation once again but still no answer.

      Thanks in advance for any help.