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    XML Export to Outlook with XSL

      Need to know if it is possible and the process for:
      On Submit - Export web based pdf [livecycle] form xml data, and embed it in body of Outlook email. Data must be styled [xsl(t)] to be easily read by receipent. Thx Jake
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          pguerett Level 6
          Yes ....you can get the data from the submission and set it as a an XML var. Then using the XSLT transformation service (in Foundation category)you can apply the template. The result of that will be an XML var. You will have to cast that var to a string using a SetValue operation, then you can set the body of the message to the string in the Email/Send with Document service (in Foundation category).
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            (jakeleggett) Level 1
            Paul Guerette,
            Thanks for the info. Now can you direct me to any Adobe Guides, tutorials, samples or examples where I can learn how to make this happen? Although I have some scripting experience, and xml experience, this process is not readily apparent to me. I will continue to "Google" for more info on the process you have provided.Thx, Jake