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    page size and orientation using HtmlToPdf

      is it possible to set the size and orientation of a page generated using the GeneratePdf web service. (HtmlToPDF)

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          Robert Hirst Level 1
          Go to the AdminUI ( http://<servername>:<port>/adminui ), and to Services, PDF Generator.  Pick File Type Settings, and click on the Standard entry.  If you pop open the HTML to PDF section, you can edit the size, margins, orientation, headings and footers, site recursion, and pdf initial view settings.  <br /><br />Save your settings as a new Filetype (you can make as many as you want), and pass the name the filetype as the second parameter to the call to the htmlToPDF method on the web service client.<br /><br />http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/es/sdkHelp/programmer/javadoc/com/adobe/livecycle/g eneratepdf/client/GeneratePdfServiceClient.html<br /><br />I am unfamiliar with interacting directly with the web services via SOAP, so if you are not using the pre-built GeneratePdfServiceClient supplied by Adobe and this information does not solve your issue you will need to see if anybody else can help.  I imagine that there is a similar String parameter where you place the Filetype name defined in the AdminUI.<br /><br />(edit: I should mention, the GeneratePdf service is a part of PDF Generator ES, not Output ES, so you may have better luck in the general Livecycle ES forum)
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            Thanks very much for your reply Robert, that was exactly the information I needed. :)