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    problems "distributing" form

      I have made a very simple form using LC ES and can make a pdf that is fillable. However, I want to distribute the form and have adobe.com collect the data. I have a valid account on adobe.com. I would have welcomed error messages however, when I chose any of the three options from the distribute form diologue box and hit next nothing happens. Any thoughts? I am using CS4 Design Premium.
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          am acutally in a similar jam....
          I don't want to distribute to any of the paths offered (email, adobe.com account, or Server share/folder.) I want to be able to post to my local drive.

          Is there a way to do so? Maybe you're more advanced that I am. Could you email me your thoughts on distributing forms?

          Rami - rami.j.zreikat@intel.com