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    Preserving hyperlink properties from Word documents

      I am using Live Cycle to convert MS Word 2007 created docs that have been pdf'ed into Acrobat forms. Within these Word files are hyperlinks that have the properties of opening a new browser window when clicked. I have set this to be the default for all hyperlinks within the document. When I save the .docx file as a .pdf file, the links behave as desired. When I create fill -in fields (text and date fields) with Live Cycle and launch the resulting modified .pdf with Acrobat, the links behave as I want. HOWEVER, when I create a link to the acrobat file/form itself in a web page, and it launches into a browser window (with IE6 it doesn't invoke the Acrobat application to launch separately, but within the browser), now, the links in the .pdf/LiveCycle file DO NOT pop a new window, but just replace the open browser window.

      This is an issue with IE because if the user has halfway filled in the form, and comes to a link and clicks it, they "leave" the form window and their inputs will disappear when they click the back browser button to return to the form.

      How can I preserve the "open new window in IE" for the hyperlinks as explained above?

      Thanks, Jay