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    javascript util class in output service

      I have some forms that use the util.printd() javascript method. This works fine when rendering an interactive form in Reader, but when the .xdp is processed using Output on the Livecycle server to flatten the form, util class is undefined. Is there any way to access the class in Output?
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          pguerett Level 6
          That is an acroform command that makes use of the util object that is present in Acrobat/Reader. Those do not exist on the server side so it is no surprise that your util command does not work. There are other xfa commands that can do this for you that will work on the server. Have a look at the FormCalc Date commands
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            Thanks Paul. It would be nice if the util object was available on the server too, since script execution can be targeted for either server or client and this makes it less than universal. Unfortunately our scripting has been done in javascript and I need to make use of the date functionality from there. No easy way to include it as FormCalc since I can't call the FormCalc method from javascript.

            I've also tried using the native javascript Date object, but that seems to have issues too.