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    PDF Form Emaling.... Sometimes

      We have set up a form using LiveCycle ES 8. The form is a PDF and "sends" via email. The email does send out automatically (in Outlook) I wish the email would open and then I could write a note in the body. But instead the dialogue box comes up and then another box pops up saying that the email is sent. (I can deal with that if you help me solve the *real* problem)

      However, this is the REALLY weird part. This only works on some computers. I've been able to get it to work on 4 computers inside and outside my network. However, my client can't get it to work on 3 of his computers inside and outside his network. His IT can get it to work.

      I've tested the form on XP, Vista, IE7, Firefox 3.x and it worked every time.

      What happens is you hit the submit button and NOTHING happens. Why on earth would it work on some computers and not others?

      Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any suggestions?

      Many thanks for your suggestions.