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    CORBA error when using a cluster

      We get the following error whenever we turn on the 2nd node of the Adobe LC cluster:

      >com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: org.omg.CORBA.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST: vmcid: OMG minor code: 1 completed: No
      at com.adobe.idp.DocumentRemoteInputStream.pullContent(DocumentRemoteInputStream.java:105)
      at com.adobe.idp.DocumentRemoteInputStream.read(DocumentRemoteInputStream.java:61)
      at java.io.InputStream.read(InputStream.java:85)

      Some background info:

      - Client application is deployed on a Weblogic 10.3 cluster. Application uses LC Java API's within stateless EJB to communicate with LC. See this post for more detail on architecture of client appl: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b88141

      - Adobe LC v8.0.1 server is deployed on a different WebLogic 9.2 cluster. The application in #1 above invokes OutputClient.transformPDF(). Then, on the resulting Document, we invoke Document.copyToFile(). Here's when we get the CORBA error. If we shutdown one node in this cluster, the problem goes away! It's like LC cannot reference the Doument stream all of a sudden..??

      Any help would be great!
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          did you ever get an answer to this question?  or did you figure it out?  we just starting getting the following error on certain specific forms templates. we have also recently gone to a WL 9 cluster with LC 8.1.  but we are using the forms component.





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            No, still no resolution. This is just killing us.


            There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why this happens. It's totally sporadic (or so it seems). The one constant is that it always happens when the 2nd. node is turned on in the cluster.

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              while I don't really have an answer for you, we don't seem to be getting the error any more.  There was ( or is going to be shortly ) a patch released for the Adobe Livecycle server ( not exactly sure what component the patch is for....but I think it applies to the forms component ).  although, I don't think the patch exactly relates.  when I called our adobe TAM ( technical account manager ) with this issue, he was unable to provide any useful help.  other than the traditional, ...."can you try rebooting your server"....reply.  although, our admin did reinstall the livecycle server binaries.  I will check w/ our admin when he gets in....to see if I can glean any more info for you.


              good luck,



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                Mario1233 Level 1

                Jim - that would be great. Please speak to your admin and let us know what he did to make that error go away.