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    AssemblerService Webservice quick start runtime error

    jb1809 Level 1
      Hello users,<br />I am new users. I want to use the assembler web service. <br />I built a C# client using visual studio by creating a client proxy from the assembler wsdl.<br /><br />I created a DDX file to match the quickstart example. I want to assemble one output pdf file from two input pdf files.<br /><br />When I run the client the proxy returns this SAXException:<br /><invalid element in com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.client.AssemblerOptionSpec><br /><br />This field is not set in the quickstart. However, it has to do with setting a value for default font. So I tried to give it an acceptable value, one of many value that I tried:<br /><br />"font: normal normal normal/normal 'Times New Roman'"<br />However, I'm getting the same SAXException. I'm using JBoss Turnkey system.<br /><br />Hope you can advise me on what the problem/solution  might be so that I can get beyond this stopping point. <br />Jesse