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    Error during PDF post processing in HtmlToPDF

      I am using Web services interface to convert Html document to PDF. Works fine for simple html documents stored locally. However when using a remote html document (for example the one in the quickstart--http://www.adobe.com--I am getting an exception:
      ALC-PDG-16003-16003-000: com.adobe.livecycle.generatedpdf.client.ConversionException: ALC-PDG-016-003-An unknown/unexpected error occurred during PDF post-processing.

      I get the same error when trying this conversion from the Administration Console. I am using JBoss/turnkey. I do not have Adobe Acrobat running on the server computer.

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          Hi Jesse,

          Were you able to resolve your issue?

          I'm ending up in the similar issue. I'm also using JBoss/Turnkey and I do have Adobe Acrobat running on server machine. when i tried to generate PDF, given any html input(both local and remote) from AdminUI - I'm getting Unknown Host Exception.

          Can you tell me how you generated html for locally stored HTML's?
          How did you pass the URL String?

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            jb1809 Level 1
            Hello Ramya,

            I am not finished checking but I did make some progress. Testing from html file located on the server machine, I use the url for file. For example if the file is named foo.html and it is located in directory c:\adata then the file url is


            That works for me using adminui, and from calling the web service.

            The example in the quickstart ( converting the default page at
            http://www.adobe.com ) does not work for me just yet. Still get the post pdf processing error.

            If not doing so already, check the server log to see if any additional debug information is provided.

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              Hi Jesse,

              Thanks alot. That(HTML to PDF) works for me too from AdminUI by specifying the URL that you mentioned. Please do let me know if it works for the web page URL(http://www.adobe.com)