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    renderForm and processFormSubmission

      I've 2 questions about the described methods. - I use the render Form method as follows to generate html code. IOutputContext ioc = ifs.renderForm(tplName, "HTML4", xmlString.getBytes(), "CacheEnabled=False", request.getHeader(User-Agent), tplPath,null,tplPath, null); In the defined xdp file a set of input fields occurs. When I want to show the generated html code in the IE, many layout errors occurs. What is wrong? - I want to use the processFormSubmission method to decode the field names of the xdp. When i generate HTML Code the input fields are changed by the form server api. e.g. in xdp variable1 in html variable1[0]. I developed an EJB application, so i cant use the processFormSubmisssion method with the parameter HttpServletRequest because this is not serializable. In the developer guide i saw, that other calls are possible. But i don't know how to use the other possibilities. Can you help me?