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    start process from emailed pdf form

      I've set up a process with an email endpoint that has two steps:

      1. set value (which does nothing)
      2. User task which sends a pdf form to a user.

      the idea is that when a pdf form is mailed to the specified mail account the process starts and sends the pdf to the correct user which then is supposed to review the form and approve it or decline it.

      The process starts correctly on receiving the mail, and the pdf form is attached to the task but it doesn't contain the data that the user had entered before submission, it's empty.

      I've tried submitting the form in all possible formats xml,xdp,pdf, and I've tried changing the type of the process variable, from xfaForm to Document Form, to Document, but I either end up with an empty form, or I get an error when trying to open the form associated with the process task.

      does anyone has a simple example of how to accomplish this?
      I know I am probably making some stupid mistake but for the life of me I can't figure out where the problem is.

      thanks in advance for any help.