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    LC Output doens't print markups and comments

      Hi folks!

      We are using the print service form LC Output. I'm able to print (physical) PDF documents by the service but it doesn't print the whole content of the document. The markups and comments aren't be printed! What do we have to do that the print service prints also the markups and comments rather than only the document layer? Is there a service configuration comparable to Adobe Reader print settings? There you can choose between 'print document', 'print document and markups', and so on

      Any idea?

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          By the way: here is the answer from adobe support regarding this issue:

          Hi Nico,
          Please find the following answer from our escalation team to your request to handle Markups using LC Output ES.

          i Print service (DSC) does not have an option to switch between Document and Document with Markups printing mode. It is not a bug but a Print DSC limitation. We would need to log an enhancement to cerate a DSC that can print Document with Markups.

          i The only workaround is having an end user to print a PDF and select the desirable printing option. Unfortunately this workaround is not suitable for all scenarios.