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    livecycle application

      hi, if i wanna develop an application, where i have multiple forms with some common data... and i want the application to create these forms by the click of a button, and populate the common data...
      how would i start?
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          Hodmi Level 4
          You probably want to start by looking at the LiveCycle Forms and/or Output applications. Forms generates interactive forms based on specified templates and data, Output does the same only it generates non-interactive forms (usually for print).
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            Thanks Michael,

            I have livecycle designer.
            And i have designed forms...
            But how do i go about automating this process, so capturing one main document. and having it create the other documents.
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              Hodmi Level 4
              Have a look at the LiveCycle ES Workbench software. Workbench is a tool for creating new workflows that are stung together from existing LiveCycle ES services (you can create your own services as well). In your case you will need to extract the XML from the form (using Forms) and then merge it with additional templates (using Forms or Output). I assume that you will then want to send the resulting documents somewhere as well (to a user or back end system)
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                well ideally...
                id like to create the files and put it into a workflow,which is the backend.
                can it all be done in livecycle es workbench?
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                  I am looking into LiveCycle for a possible web application that we are going to develop for a customer. Can you give me a little more information how the LiveCycle Forms and Output applications work? Maybe I'll give you details on how I see us using it and you can let me know which application would work best for us.

                  We have a client that wants to be able to create a PDF template of some print piece, say a business card. We will develop a website interface for their customers to login to place orders for the business card (that's the easy part). The hard part is how we will be able to plug in that information (Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address) into the appropriate fields into the PDF, and then have that PDF be a print-ready, CMYK PDF that we can just send to the printer.

                  Which LiveCycle component would we use for this?

                  Any insight you could provide would be great.

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                    hi, i want to develop an application using Adobe Livecycle workbench tool.i want, my application will be connected with SqlServer 2005 database for store data from application form

                    I have already installed Jboss Application server and workbench tool.

                    Please help me to develop this

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                      aoatak Level 1
                      Hi,<br />You should configure adobe-ds.xml (<JBOSS_ROOT>\server\all\deploy) according to your MSSQL database, the lines that you should add will look like the following:<br /><br />     <local-tx-datasource><br />          <jndi-name>MSSQLDS</jndi-name><br />          <connection-url>jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:5356;databaseName=DB_NAME</connect ion-url><br />          <driver-class>com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver</driver-class><br />          <user-name>XXX</user-name><br />          <password>XXX</password><br />          <metadata><br />               <type-mapping>MS SQLSERVER2005</type-mapping><br />          </metadata><br />     </local-tx-datasource><br /><br />Then you can use Foundation>JDBC services within Workbench by configuring it with the JNDI name : MSSQLDS<br /><br />Oguz<br />www.kgc.com.tr
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                        This code is relevant to the MSSQL database only, right. I might be wrong but I'm having similar issues.


                        MS SQLSERVER2005