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    Visio and MS Project error

      I am evaluating LiveCycle ES Version 8.01 for document conversion to PDF. I am only interested in the PDF Generator product of the LiveCycle suite. I need to convert MS office documents including Visio diagrams and MS Project files. I have Visio and Project installed on my server. When I try to convert a Visio document to .pdf I get the following error:
      ALC-PDG-1023-000: com.adobe.livecycle.generatepdf.client.ConversionException: ALC-PDG-001-023-An error occurred while launching Microsoft Visio. Please check whether Microsoft Visio is installed on the server."
      Visio is definitely installed. In desparation I put the path to the .exe in the PATH environment variable and created a Visio_PATH variable. Still no luck.
      My second problem is converting MS Project files. When I try these files I get the following error: Reason of failure is-----Invocation error.
      Invocation error.
      ALC-PDG-010-015-The conversion operation timed out before it could be completed. Please report this error to the system administrator.
      ALC-DSC-003-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCInvocationException: Invocation error.
      In doing some straw grasping research, I changed the Initial Heap Size and the Max Heap Size to 0. Any suggestions for either of these issues?
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          Hodmi Level 4
          Hi Bonnie;

          Most of the time I've seen these errors happen when the "native software" (Word, Visio) are installed using one account and the JBoss service (LiveCycle runs on JBoss in turnkey) is running under a different account name.

          Since LiveCycle needs to access some of the native software's applications, the account under which LiveCycle is running should be the same account used to install the native applications.
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            I have a microsoft Project file that I'm trying to print to a PDF. MS Project is version 2003 w sp3. I have Adobe Acrobat v 7 installed also. The problem arises when the pdf is created in ARCH D size (36x24 size).
            When the pdf doc is displayed, fonts are missing on the upper right side of the doc (timeline display), and the right side or the end of the gantt display bars. The same fonts appear throughout the rest of the document. What's a planner to do to solve this problem?