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    PDF Generator ES: Monochrome image DPI

    Robert Hirst Level 1
      Has anybody had any issues with DPI settings being overridden in output from PDF Generator ES?

      We're passing 200dpi TIFF files in, and getting out PDF files with a DPI of 72 (tested by exporting to TIFF from the PDF) but containing the same number of pixels. The result is the page size is about 2.78 times as large as the original TIFF image.

      Right-click conversion to PDF using Acrobat on the server produces a file with the correct DPI (and therefore page size).

      I did look through the exported PDFG config files, and noticed this:

      > /MonoImageResolution 72

      But this seems to be a base operand for other settings (e.g. thresholds for mono image conversions) and changing to 200 seems to have no effect. Have reverted back to defaults now.

      Converting the TIFF into a PS file then passing that to PDFG gives the correct DPI/page size. Also the same TIFF files come out correctly on PDFG 7.2.

      Putting together a case for Adobe, but asking here in case anyone else has come across this.

      Thanks in advance for all input on the matter!