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    problem flattening dynamic PDF

      Hi all,
      we have a problem: we created a form using the designer and then we merge it with xml data. The output is a little pdf file (about 300kb) that take about 400MB of memory to be opened by acrobat reader.
      I supposed that the reason is that the merging between data and layout is made dinamically by acrobat reader.
      Am I right?
      So, we try to flatten the PDF server-side to avoid client side merging but it doesn't work:
      - if I try to use OutputService/transformPDF the process doesn't produce any error... it simply doesn't do anything... no pdf output, no error, no stalled process in the adminui... just this line of log
      "2008-05-20 16:40:10,500 INFO [com.adobe.formServer.FormServer] ALC-FRM-001-501: FormName:6474897e6c92f44172d0f02e8e86bfd7 : FormPreference:PDFA : Debug:false : PDFVersion:null : Content Root:C:\temp\AdobeDocumentStorage\local\docm1211288446656 : Base URL:null : App Root:null : User Agent:null" and then nothing...

      - if I try to use ConvertPDFService/toPS it raise an exception telling me that it needs a flattened PDF as input
      "2008-05-20 16:51:20,500 ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.convertpdfservice.exception.ConvertPdfException] ALC-CNP-001-304: Input Document is not a flattened PDF Document"
      Any help?