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    Trouble Saving Completed Forms

      I created a fillable form in LiveCycle and distributed it to a client yesterday. My client is saying that she can print it, but Acrobat Reader will not let her save the form with the fields filled in. I am sure this is an easy fix but I am stumped, can someone help? Thanks.

      BTW, I have version 8 if it makes a difference.
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          Hi Robert,
          You need to Reader Extend the form. This will allow users to fill and save in Reader.
          You can apply usage rights using LiveCycle or Acrobat Pro. Acrobat Pro has a limited license. In Acrobat: use 'Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader'. On the server side the activity is ApplyUsageRights.
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            It worked, thanks for your help.
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              I am an HR manager who successfully used Live Cycle to create forms with two or more signature fields for successive submittal along a list of users. Each user could fill in data, save a copy and electronically submit by email to the next signator. I did not use a submit button, as it was normally saved, and attached to an email to the next recipient. My users had Acrobat Pro.

              I have changed jobs and wish to utilize Adobe for document management here. I bought Live Cycle ES for my use. However, my users here have Reader 8.0. When I create a form in Live Cycle, and open it in Reader (as my users will), it cannot be signed, cannot be saved.

              I am not technical and my IT staff here is not familiar with Live Cycle. What must I do to make my form functional?
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                pguerett Level 6
                You will have to Reader Extend it to allow the Reader to sign and to save it locally
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                  Thank you. As I indicated I am very naive, it appears. I did a topic search on Adobe Help and can find no reference to Reader Extend or similar. How does that work, and how is it accessed? Your assistance is appreciated.
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                    Hodmi Level 4
                    LiveCycle Reader Extensions is another Adobe product.

                    There are certain things that Acrobat can do that Reader can not (such as saving forms with data, submitting data outside of a browser, etc.). Using the LiveCycle server products, you can add these abilities to individual documents server side. That way users with free Reader can do some of the things that would normally require Acrobat. The LiveCycle product that does this is called Reader Extensions:

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                      Thanks, Michael, but there is a much simpler solution for me as I accidentally discovered. The way to extend form fill, sign, save rights to a Reader user, is to open the form in Accrobat 9.0 (not in Live Cycle) and under Advanced, Extend Rights to Reader.
                      Save it in Accrobat and then when sent to Reader users, they can do all those things. No fuss, no muss with Live Cycle and server applications. Why didn't someone tell me that? In my experience with Adobe, the chief problem there is no easy to understand tutorials or training available for us lightweight users. Too bad.
                      Thanks for your efforts.
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                        (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                        Be aware that the function in Acrobat is for low volume use, and the
                        EULA limits the number of users and forms. If you exceed that you are
                        in breach of the license agreement.

                        Aandi Inston
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                          Thanks, that is a good point. We checked the EULA and see that the Extended Document allowance provided in the license greatly exceeds our possible usage and number of recipients. But I do appreciate the information and caution.