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    Mysql Unknown Command Error:

    thenotorious_flag Level 1
      Hi, I have a New website jokes.randhawaworld.com but i am hacing severe mysql errors and that are related to:

      Error Executing Database Query.
      Communication link failure: Unknown command

      I ceated a Support Ticket and They said they enabled the Robust Exception handling to dig around. I checked and my queries were causing trouble, i changed the values of some queries to hardcore it they worked but when they were made dynamic it generated error. Slowly all my queries were getting errors. May be my 1 query could be wrong not all.

      Can anyone please tell what is going wrong with Me.

      vist at: jokes.randhawaworld.com to see its contents

      Also I made the website using AJAX but no sign of Ajax is shown on the webpage. i am in a shared host with hostingtoaz

      Plz guide me