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    external image loads in html, not in php

      I have a .swf which loads an external jpg. It reads the path from an xml file. The whole thing works fine on my hard drive, and when I publish it as html and upload it to the server, I can still view the jpg. But when I create a PHP page which includes the swf file, I can't see the image. The rest of the swf loads, but doesn't incorporate the external jpg. Any idea why?

      Here's the PHP page:

      Here it is as html:

      This is the code I used to imbed the .swf file in the PHP page:
        • 1. external image loads in html, not in php
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          oops ...its a target path issue..... your php swf reference is in an additional folder
          ie: <param name="movie" value="Mazda/middle content2.swf" />
          and you html swf reference is
          ie: <param name="movie" value="middle content2.swf" />
          so your external image can be reached by the html page and the php dont because its inside annother directory and doesent know to go outside the directory .