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    Drop a user document to directly instanciate the proper service.

      I previously created some custom components linked with some specific Business Documents.
      So invoking the custom components (services) I am able to view the document.
      It's not really user friendly, so I developped an explorer to list all the usable documents, and plugged it into Workbench ES.

      What I would like to do, is directly drop these documents into the Process Editor to automaticly invoke the proper service. (at design time).

      So I'm sure I have to create the "process object" able to use the document using the SDK.
      And then, I would have to add a droplistener on the Process Editor.
      That's the theory, but I didn't found any way to code it.
      All is develloped in java eclipse, so it should be possible, but how ?

      Thx in advance.