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    Reminder Message on Assignment to a Group

      I'd like to issue a reminder notification when a task is assigned to a group and no action is taken - but this doesn't seem to work. I can get the reminders to function when a task is assigned to a specific individual, but when I change the assignment step to reference a group no reminders occur. Is the product limited to providing reminders only when the task is assigned to a specific user? Is there any work around for this - i.e. perhaps a way of interecepting some sort of reminder event and, within that, creating my own logic to send the notification I require?
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          may be you check for TaskReminder event under the events tab
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            There's a TaskReminderSent event, but there does not appear to be an event associated with the reminder itself... Does anyone know if the product is supposed to send reminders when tasks are assigned to groups and no action is taken - it seems logical to me that they should, but this isn't happening.
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              Hi Jeff
              I believe (although I haven't tested this) that the reminder is actually sent, but it's sent to the group email. That's an email alias associated with the group itself, rather than being sent to the individual members of the group.

              Most LDAP administrators don't bother setting up group email aliases, so you end up with a blank email address, and so no reminder gets sent.

              One way to work around this that we've used very successfully is to use a couple of custom componentss that we've built.

              The basic design pattern is described here (for LC7, but the principle is the same):
              http://www.avoka.com/apps/checkcookie?location=/resources/resources/AnAdvancedApproachtoTa skRemindersandEscalations.pdf

              This works a little differently in LC8 - basically, you need to kick off a sub-process just prior to your User step, wait for 10 seconds in the sub-process, and then look up the task in the parent process. (Sounds complicated, but it's actuall quite simple.)

              The component to take a group id, and turn it into a comma separated list of email addresses is LookupGroup.
              http://avoka.dnsalias.com/confluence/display/Public/Find+Out+Details+About+the+Last+Form+U ser

              If you need more details, please email info-at-avoka.com.
              We should probably update the LC7 documentation to explain how it's done in LCES.