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    Form Render not finding template in resources

    AlvinPearson1 Level 1

      Very frustrated at the moment. Had a renderPDFform process running perfectly. Then suddenly it stopped working, reporting this error:

      Failure to invoke the job formLearn
      Invocation error.
      Failed to load TemplateStream for FormQuery=\Alvin\RenewalWarranty.pdf from location URI =repository://.

      I triple-checked all the settings - no change.
      I created a new process with a new pdf - no change.
      Re-installed LiveCycle ES, still the problem persists.

      The properties settings I have for renderPDFForm are:

      Form to Render: \Alvin\RenewalWarranty.pdf

      Content Root URI: repository://

      The repository has a folder Alvin.

      I fiddled with settings for several hours (leaving out / etc), but I get the same error).

      I believe I have the exact same settings as when it was working, but now it's not.