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    Deployment of customized component

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      If we develop customize component for process in workbench, do we need to pack or deploy those livecycle SDK Jar files (like adobe-taskmanager-client-sdk.jar..., which is reference by the customise component) to some where? To the application server? My customise component keep getting "NoClassDefFound" when invoked by a process.

      Can I pack those livecycle SDK jar file to my customise component jar file?

      Where is the customise component being imported to when it is installed in workbench? Is there any classpath I need to set some where? like in the Application server or the customise component jar file's manifest file?

      Thank you...
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          HowardTreisman Level 1
          You do not need to deploy the component anywhere on the server.
          Importing it into Workbench actually stores it in the server's database. From there, it can be used by both the server, and by Workbench.
          NoClassDefFound often means that you need to tweak your import or expoort statements or classpath in component.xml, you're missing a library, or perhaps you're compiling with the wrong version of Java.

          Good luck...