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    Workspace Form Not being Rendered with Updated Data from previous level


      I have a process in wherein a reader extended PDF form is filled and kept in the watch folder.
      Then the PDF is picked up and a two level approval process starts in Workspace.

      The initial step in my process takes the PDF document and extracts the XML data ("processFormSubmuission")
      Then I have an "Assign Task" where I have an xfaForm variable (lev1form) as input, where I use Sample Forms/ RenderPDFForm to render the PDF form in Workspace.
      I have also configured the Submit service using sample forms / submit PDF form.

      At the initial level the form is populated correctly in Workspace
      But if the user edits the form and passes it on to the next level of approval,
      the edited data is not displayed to the next user It show the same old watch folder submitted data.

      How do I reflect the changes? Can I update the xml file somehow upon submission at first level?

      I also tried using a different xfaForm variable (lev2form) configured using default render service. As output of the first assign task.
      But it does not work this way too..

      Please help me how I should go about now..