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    Invoking long-lived process from .Net

      I am currently trying to invoke my custom long-lived process from .Net using a client proxy. This is actually no prob using my services invoke_Async() method. This method returns an invocation-id.
      My problem is actually what to do next.
      There is not much helpful documentation regarding this matter, so my best hope is that there is someone out there who have done something similar.

      I will try to explain what I would like to do:

      *invoke my process using invoke_Async()
      *get the processID from my invoked process
      *get the current TaskId from my invoked process

      As long as I can get a useful response from my invocation I can use ProcessManagerService and TaskManagerService to get on with my application.

      Dag Norstein
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          pguerett Level 6
          When you invoke the long lived process it will return the process id. That process id can be used as input to other methods of the service call to check on it status as well as get the results when it is complete. The fact that it is long lived tells the system to store the information about this process and that you will have to retrieve it at a later time.
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            When I invoke the process, it does not return the process id but an invocation id. I know that I can get the status of the process by passing the invocation id to the service call invoke_Status, but how is it possible to retrieve the task-id when the process is assigning a task, and how do I retrieve the process id of the invoked process?