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    "Promote" older version to "Current"

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      Not sure if this is just my server's problem, or if you have also seen this behavior on your server:

      In WorkBench, Form Design,
      I have a form that had an XSD Data Connection in an older version;
      (and the schema was "Embedded")
      in the new version, the XSD Data Connection was removed/deleted.

      Then, I right-click on the form,
      selected "History...",
      selected the older version,
      then click the button to make it the "Current" version.
      Refresh the screen so that the current version number is displayed right next to the form.

      I then open/edit the form, but it does not have the XSD Data Connection anymore!!! Looked as if when I deleted it in the other version, ES removed the data connection out of the older versions too.

      Why is that? Shouldn't it keep my old Data Connection?

      My ES version is 8.1 plus SP1b + patch 1.27