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    convert document variable into DocumentForm

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      I'm working with a LC ES process in wich I use send and receive services.
      I send by email this attachment xpath: "/process_data/pdfForm/object/@document"
      Users are involved in process by submitting pdf form from their email after signing them.
      documents are signed and returned by email to the LC process.
      I retrieve the attachments with receive service and I save them into document variable using SetValue service assigning this variable
      "/process_data/pdfFirma1/object/@document" the value of
      this one(document type):
      wich is the first attachment in the email.

      I have the need to assign the document variable into documentpart of the Document Form.
      I tried to assign to the document part of the documentform variable my input document. There aren't errors in the log, but when I try to open the document form in the workspace I can't.
      Is this the correct way?
      can Anyone help me?

      thanks a lot