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    Converting  a Collection of Documents to PDF using a Process

    jb1809 Level 1
      Hello Developers,<br />I want to create a Workbench process that will accept as input a collection of MS Word documents and return a single PDF documents by combining them. My question is what should be the datatype of the input variable<br />that would contain the collection of input documents. I tried to put the <br />documents in list data type, but received runtime exceptions. In Java  the datatype should be a generic, I think:   List<Document> . However, I don't see how to specific a generic in a process using the workbench. Thank you for any advice. <br />regards,Jesse
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          pguerett Level 6
          Yes you would create a list of documents (subtype) as your variable type. Make sure you mark it as input. Now you can use the email or watched folder endpoints to get your files into the process. Note that if you are using a watched folder that you will have to drop a folder of files into the watched folder.....not a bunch of individual files. You will have to take each document out of the list convert it then put it back into a list. Then you can pass that subsequent list onto the Assembler step and it will add all of the docs together into a single PDF. Now you can mark that single PDF as output and it will be returned to your endpoint (or calling process).

          Hope that helps